The first year of life

Within the first few days you forget what it was like before they were here. You can't remember ever being without them.
After a few weeks that fragile little eating and sleeping machine is gone and you see a little face watching you and ,if you are lucky, smiling.
A few months pass and you are trying to show your friends that your baby can roll over.
By six months you can't remember that little infant anymore. Sitting, clapping and babbling, every day your baby seems to do something new. Then comes the crawling and you realize that your house is a death trap and you need to childproof everything (if you have more than one child your realize you overdid it on your first).
At nine months you are in the home stretch on your way to the first birthday. You begin to plan a party that they will never remember.
If this is your first child the party is a right of passage for you.
Your child has survived. You have survived.

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Toy Lens

I bought a toy 600mm-1300mm telescoping lens a while back ($100). It is quite soft, only manual focus, and fixed aperture at each focal length. It is also fun to have. I am used to the softness and find I actually like the grainy texture.


Simpleviewer on Blogger

Getting Simpleviewer on a Blogger post takes a little work but it is worth it (most of the work is figuring out what you need to do).
Editing the xml file is strait forward once you have the link to the folder on the file server containing your photos (and a link for your thumbs). The links for the photos could come from a photo hosting site like photobucket but because the swfobject.js, gallery.xml, and viewer.swf files need to be hosted on a file server (assuming you don't have a website) I decided to host the photos on the same server as the Simpleviewer files.

It rained most of the day but cleared up for about a half an hour right in the middle of the afternoon.
Carmen and her friends were great sports and we got some very nice shots.


Why a photography blog?

To me photography is disposable and this is as good a way as any to dispose of it.
Once my photos are laid to rest (delivered and backed up) I tend to move on and not look back. When people ask to see what I have shot in the past I have a hard time wanting to get something together. Why not put together a website? Maybe in the future. I am more of a work in progress kind of guy and a web site would just be in a perpetual state of change.

I started to think about what I should put up for my first post. I toyed with gathering a bunch of photos and putting together a small portfolio but that idea only lasted a few moments.

I decided to start with a street performer I met in Salt Lake.
I drove by Benny Gilbert twice before I got out of my car. He was leaning against the wall of the Kinkos I used to pass every day on my way to the University of Utah. Clouds were moving in and he was getting ready to move on. He played two songs and then it was raining so we both went on our way. I'm not great at describing the sound/style of a musician but I enjoyed his music and wanted to remember it so I shot a couple of short video clips. Enjoy.